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RoA - Pyraxel - Character Sheet application by pedrono
RoA - Pyraxel - Character Sheet application
Name: Pyraxel ( Pyrax )
PoE: The Data Trickster
Weapon: Pixel block
Element: Gimmickry
Homeworld: Wreck-it-Ralph
Lesser Nobody: Goon

Personality: Adventurous and confident, Pyraxel comes across as a cocky daredevil most of the time. He's confident of his skills and enjoys feeling like a winner, which makes him a competitive nobody. As one can assume, he's an sore-loser and feels threatened by the thought of being incompetent.

Homeworld Background: Among the collection of arcades that fell prey to Turbo's (a.k.a King Candy) corruption was "DataMan", a recently released platform game featuring an android-like hero that could shoot beams, perform stunts and even collect the power from beaten bosses. The game was carefully designed by a single person during almost a decade, but when the corruption brought the heartless, the world of DataMan was lost forever, only days after its long-overdued release.

Regardless, the game's protagonist, had so much love built into it by it's creator, that when his heart was taken, it was strong enough to create a fully-fledged nobody.

Because of his life inside a game, Pyrax has an unique perspective on things. His logic follows the usual game shenanigans. Not having to look for a key item or not going through a rhythm stage before accomplishing things will leave him puzzled. Earning him something without requiring a completed quest will leave him feeling like he hasn't achieved anything.

The Pixel block: Pyrax's weapon is a single piece of data, materialized as a pixel, a sturdy square cube that he can stretch to any axis, using it for offense, defense and movement maneuvers.

Gimmickry: Relative to Turbo's knowledge of messing with the game's core programming, Pyraxel is able to implement gimmicks from his own game in other worlds. Furthermore, he's able to exploit gimmicks that might already be implemented in other worlds.

In an academic way, what Pyraxel does is peer into a world's "configuration" and tweak it, but that requires him to be in a world where reality is naturally mutable. The more magical (or "programmable") the world is, the better he can use his element.

- His ability with gimmicks is strongest in futuristic cyber worlds, such as "Tron" and "Wreck it Ralph"
- Performs regularly in worlds with strong magic like "Sleeping Beauty", "Alice in Wonderland" and "Frozen"
- Is weakest in wordls with almost-to-no magic or supernatural events "101 Dalmatians", "The Lion King" and "Winnie-the-Pooh".

Fighting Style: With both the Pixel block and Gimmickry on his side, Pyraxel is a versatile fighter, able to attack with precision, defend broad areas, and move swiftly. Taking advantage of gimmicks makes him resourceful and he can add it to his party members. Use of both his weapon and Elements drains mass data, which must be withdrawn from the world or Pyrax himself, which can cause him to overheat and be rendered useless. For all the powers he has, he must spend it very carefully.

Lesser Nobody: Goons would probably be the second weakest lesser after the Dusks. They move in simple back and forth patterns, they can't jump, and will only shoot limited beam-pellets to the direction they're facing. They can be defeated with a couple hits or one single step on their heads. Their strength lies in Pyrax's Data collection, which he can temporarily link to his goons, giving them any ability he might have collected. Also, due to their simplicity, Pyrax can summon large numbers of Goons without spending too much power.


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